Date and Time: 
Friday, 15 January, 2021 -
09:00 to 14:00
Online Seminar
United Kingdom
Event Type: 
Public Event


The next round of applications for achieving the Association of Education Advisers (AoEA) quality standard is now open.

Those who are accepted on the programme will be invited to attend a Senior Associate Seminar online.

The Senior Associate accreditation builds on the Associate accreditation process. We expect the adviser to have expertise as a school improvement expert and a deep understanding of governance and leadership. Senior Associates are expected to be able to address system-wide and deep-rooted issues in groups of schools or organisations that require a complete rethink and/or an iterative programme of intervention. A Senior Associate requires sophisticated knowledge and skills to provide support and challenge at this level. The accreditation process is more demanding and provides further training.

There is a recognition that there are likely to be professional development requirements for those who apply. Following assessment seminar, applicants can decide if they wish to proceed directly to completing accredtiation or access the development programmes.

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