Change Management

Summary of programme

Change management is a key leadership challenge. This programme examines how to improve individual and organisational capacity to cope with the change. A variety of approaches is used to explore retrospective and live cases of different types of organisational and technology-related organisational change

The aim is to identify practical insights, lessons and guidelines than can improve course participants’ ability to manage and lead change programmes and projects

We will:

  1. Reflect on the drivers which make change a central issue and the problems and issues that this brings
  2. Look at the strengths and weaknesses of various academic approaches to the change management

We develop:

  1. An understanding of key concepts and theories which provide a framework for understanding change processes 
  2. A detailed knowledge of the problems and issues involved in leading change of various types in a variety of organisational contexts and national settings
  3. A critical understanding of the possibilities, limits and constraints confronting those responsible for leading change
  4. The ability to conceptualise the change management challenge facing an organisation
  5. The capacity to examine cases and other empirical material to diagnose change management problems and identify potential solutions
  6. The capability to deploy tools, techniques, behaviour and actions in order to lead change more effectively
  7. Analysis of the experience of change through the examination of case examples; experiential input from practitioners
  8. The lessons for the practice of managing change with a view to using the enhanced understanding to enable individual organisational improvement in the change management

We assess:

  1. Understanding of what drives change in organisations
  2. Ability to select and use models to address different types of change
  3. Understanding of leadership approaches to change management and ability to adapt advisory role accordingly
  4. Ability to assess the risks of success and failure of the change programme
  5. Ability to select and use change management tools
  6. Possessing the resilience to deal with complexity, uncertainty, the unforseen and the unintended

We are supported by a number of partners

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