Access to high-quality education advice and support

There is a consensus of opinion across schools, academies, colleges, MATs and LAs that there is a need for a single point of contact for commissioning education advisers.

This is a key driver for the AoEA Marketplace: to provide access to high-quality education advice and support that has professional credibility and integrity and adds value.

Accredited advisers who wish to offer their services

AoEA accredited advisers are able to offer their services via the Marketplace. 

Once registered, they provide a professional profile which describes their recent experience and expertise and their service offer to potential commissioners.  

Commissioners who wish to access additional capacity and expertise

Commissioners, whether individual schools, academies, colleges, multi-academy trusts or local authorities, are able to simply click on to the Marketplace and identify an adviser of their choice.

Potential commissioners contact the AoEA via and request a passcode.

The passcode gives them access to the database of advisers, so they can identify the person best able to provide the support they need.

Who are our AoEA accredited Advisers?

The first cohort accredited in 2017 -2018 includes exceptional headteachers, former HMI, Ofsted inspectors, DfE advisers, local authority advisers, and independent consultants. 

The group includes advisers who have expertise in performance improvement, governance, curriculum, school reorganisation, curriculum-led financial management and establishing UTCs, Free Schools.  The first accredited advisers support multi-academy trusts, teaching school alliances, academies and community schools across the UK, including Northern Ireland.

Increasing the Value of the Marketplace

We are gradually building the Marketplace and wish to maintain the quality of the advisers on offer.  The number of accredited advisers was limited to 50 during the first round of accreditations.  We are recruiting a further cohort during the academic year 2018-19.  

The value of the Marketplace will increase in value to commissioners, as the number of accredited advisers increases.  However, we intend to grow carefully and will not sacrifice quality for growth.  We trust that potential commissioners will understand this approach.

If you are interested in trying out the Marketplace, please register your interest and state whether you are a potential commissioner or wish to apply for accreditation.

Approved Partners

The AoEA also has a list of approved partners, who offer specialist support to schools including, legal, finance and human resources.

We are supported by a number of partners

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