Assessing the Context for Organisational Improvement

November 10, 2022
9.30am – 1pm

Who is this for?

This module aims to focus on key factors which influence the professional motivation of staff.

The programme will be particularly useful for those considering accreditation for the Senior Associate level of the AOEA as well of those working at Associate level who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in assessing and creating an organisational environment in which staff are enthusiastically motivated to seek high standards and sustained improvement.

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

Most of us will have come across highly successful organisations or departments where there is a keen sense of commitment to working with colleagues to achieve high outcomes. Many of us will also have come across organisations where there is a vagueness about the roles and objectives and low levels of structure and commitment. How can we assess or analyse the ‘Context for Organisational Improvement’ (COI) that leads to high performance or provides an indicator of potential decline? The AoEA has used its experience of school improvement coupled with a review of relevant leadership research to establish a way of assessing the Context for Organisational Improvement. It provides another way of analysing working relationships in leadership teams and promote discussion of factors which facilitate or impede improvement.

What is the Context for Organisational Improvement? 

The context for organisation improvement relates to key factors which influence the professional motivation of staff. The factors can be analysed into a number of dimensions which provide an indicator of how staff feel about working in the organisation. The way in which leaders carry out their role has a vital influence on the context.

What will I get from the programme?

You will:

· Understand what is meant by Context for Organisational Improvement.

· Consider the dimensions of COI.

· Understand the relationship between leadership and COI.

· Be able to identify the key features in the cultural landscape of your workplace.

· Appreciate how organisational culture influences work-place COI.

· Have assessed your own work-place COI.

· Be capable of establishing systems for on-going measures of COI.

· Be able to design strategies to drive up individual COI dimensions

Prior to the session, participants will have the opportunity to complete a survey to rate their perception of their context for organisational improvement.



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