Compassionate Curriculum for Thriving Communities: An Opportunity to Reconnect with our Vision for Learning/Education

December 1, 2022
9.30am – 1pm

Who is this training for?

Suitable for primary curriculum leaders, principals or consultants. If you are a primary subject leader, a curriculum phase leader or a senior leader responsible for overall school curriculum design and implementation, this workshop is for you!

Why consider this course?

An opportunity to:

· Develop some key questions in order to be able to explore with your school community, key aspects of your curriculum purpose.

· Consider examples of how schools (from a range of contexts) and a Trust have approached the redesign of their curriculum from the UK and internationally using a curriculum framework

· Understand the implications of curriculum and pedagogic intentions

What will I learn from the programme?

· A shared understanding of ‘curriculum’, how it shapes every aspect of school life, develops character, and enables all children and young people to make good choices.

· How to analyse the extent to which your curriculum presents an ambitious, enriching and equitable education for all children and young people.

· How to build a picture of your subject and effectively monitor your subject/curriculum for improvement

How will I engage with the programme?

The sessions will be a blend of formal presentation, practical activities, discussion points, case studies shared from leaders in the field



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