Date and Time: 
Tuesday, 11 May, 2021 -
09:00 to 12:00
United Kingdom
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Public Event



The course is now full but please do email to be put on the waiting list.

Who is this for?

Based on the best international business practice, but rooted in education, this course is designed for MAT CEOs, heads and education consultants who want to develop a coaching approach to organisational development, change management and continued personal development, both for themselves and their teams.

Why consider this approach?

Irrespective of the problems that you are seeking to address, a coaching approach allows you to understand what motivates your staff, develops their potential and engages them in delivering your vision.

Furthermore, this strategy will increase the leadership density of your team, as more of them gain confidence in this methodology, take increasing responsibility and develop a more nuanced and skilled approach to leadership.

A properly implemented coaching programme will bring the best out of your team and create a synergy that hitherto might not have been achieved. 

Participants will have a broader understanding of both the principles and good practice of coaching; they will be more confident in applying these and using a range of practical strategies to support schools

What is coaching?

Coaching is not mentoring, counselling or psychoanalysis, although all these are occasionally demanded of a skilled coach.

It begins with the philosophy that individuals have the potential to recognise and overcome barriers to their own success, have much more potential than has been previously tapped and that agreed goals can be achieved to a time scale.

Most importantly, it is a demanding approach in which the person being coached is held accountable for their success or otherwise, while being a safe place to discuss ideas, issues and obstacles to their success.

It is a proven, highly effective approach that allows positive change to happen for individuals, organisations and multi-national. With the right coach schools and their leaders will change for the better.

Who is delivering?

Tony Markowski and Eamonn Whelan advise national and regional boards, MATS, LAs, Headteachers and their teams. Both enjoyed highly successful careers in education and are Senior Associates of the AOEA.

What will I get from the programme?

The module is a blend of formal presentation, question and answer sessions, case study review and supported practical activity. As well as a general introduction to the principles and characteristics of coaching, participants will be offered tools and strategies to support leaders and staff, both at primary and secondary level, including post-16 provision.

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