Organisational Development

Summary of programme

Organisational development is a planned, systematic approach to improving organisational effectiveness – one that aligns strategy, people and processes. This programme examines how to achieve the desired goals of high performance and competitive advantage through the involvement of its people

We will:

  1. Reflect on the essential components that constitute an effective organisation
  2. Utilise and evaluate various models of organisational development

We develop:

  1. Contextual understanding of the key drivers for change in an educational context, particularly the political and legal
  2. Understanding of how to develop the curriculum offer
  3. Ability to develop policy and strategy in order to achieve organisational goals
  4. People development strategies
  5. Systems and procedures development
  6. Use of performance data to improve the organisation
  7. Climate analysis skills
  8. Leadership analysis skills

We assess:

  1. Understanding of the PESTLE (Political, Environmental, Social, Technological, Legal and Economic) drivers for change
  2. Ability to evaluate critically the design of the curriculum and educational offer
  3. Ability to link vision, mission, policy, strategy, resources, plans, goals and ambitions to long term requirements and immediate needs
  4. Ability to link job design and people development to strategic requirements
  5. Ability to analyse management procedures and systems
  6. Ability to select and apply a variety of measurements of success and performance indicators
  7. Ability to assess the impact of leadership on the climate of organisations


We are supported by a number of partners

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