Senior Associate Accreditation and Training Programme

The Senior Associate programme builds on the Associate accreditation

We believe that there is a need for differentiated intervention in accordance with the needs of schools and organisations. We would expect a Senior Associate to be able to address system-wide and deep-rooted issues in groups of schools or organisations that require a complete rethink and / or an iterative programme of intervention.

A Senior Associate requires sophisticated knowledge and skills to provide support and challenge at this level. The accreditation process is therefore more demanding and will require evidence of knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

  1. Change Management
  2. Organisational Development
  3. Quality Systems

Self assessment

Potential candidates complete a self-assessment to determine their readiness for accreditation at Senior Associate level.

Assessment Seminar

The assessment seminar gives an overview of the three areas of accreditation. It supports candidates in completing their self assessment and identifying aspects for further learning through optional access to development programmes and online workshops. At this level it is expected that candidates will have a higher level of competence in one of the areas, but have an understanding of all three aspects. 

The seminar and development programmes are available as training and development for those who do not wish to undertake the accreditation


The Viva is underpinned by a scripted presentation based on the senior associate criteria, submitted to the assessment panel in advance.


The candidate presents their Viva which is followed up by panel interview and discussion. 


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