Date and Time: 
Tuesday, 26 April, 2022 -
09:00 to 12:30
United Kingdom
Event Type: 
Public Event


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Who is this training for?

Integrated curriculum and financial planning (ICFP) is for advisers and leaders who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of best practice in this area. This is applicable to professionals working both with individual educational institutions (Associate Level) and groups of schools/academies (Senior Associate Level).

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

Although there has been some progress nationally over the last two years in addressing ineffective budget management in schools, including the deployment of school resource management advisers, schools and groups of schools still face significant challenges in ensuring their strategic viability and financial health.  The Kreston Academies Benchmark Report in 2020 estimates that nearly half the MATs in England have at least one financially failing school and, in many cases, the costs associated with COVID-19 have added to budgetary pressures.  

The most important aspect of this training is that it puts the curriculum, the quality of education and outcomes for students at the centre of the financial planning process.

What is ICFP?

Integrated curriculum and financial planning (ICFP), or curriculum-led financial planning, is a continuous strategic leadership process that is fundamental to a school’s success, both in hard times and times of plenty.

  • It is a tool that clearly links the curriculum requirements of a school to its available financial resource.
  • It brings together curriculum and financial expertise and supports collaborative working.

Who is delivering the training?

Kevin McDermid will be leading the programme. Kevin is a vastly experienced school leader, having had three headships in the North East of England. He also has a national reputation for his impact in ICFP in schools and MATs facing significant difficulties. Latterly, he was drafted into a MAT as Interim CEO to address substantial financial difficulties across the Trust; his expertise in this area has also been used by the ESFA in other schools with large deficits.

As a Senior Associate of the AOEA, Kevin has led training on ICFP across the UK, including in Northern Ireland. 

What will I get from the programme?

Our model of ICFP provides an adviser or school leader with a framework and some practical tools to support curriculum development, planning and costing.

Participants will have a broader understanding of both the principles of ICFP and good practice; they will be more confident in using a range of practical strategies to support schools in:

  • analysing and costing their existing curriculum models;
  • using benchmark data to guide curriculum-led planning;
  • applying the principles of good planning to deliver sustainable improvement in single schools or across groups of schools. 

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