Quality Systems

Summary of Programme

The Quality Systems programme is a comprehensive and structured approach to organisational improvement. It seeks to improve the quality of products and services through ongoing refinements in response to continuous feedback, with a particular focus on the Deming approach to Quality Systems. 

The aim is to identify practical insights, lessons and guidelines that can enhance course participants’ ability to improve the quality of their organisation

We will:

  1. Reflect on the drivers which make quality a central issue and the problems and issues that need to be addressed
  2. Look at the strengths and opportunities that a Quality System approach can bring

We develop:

  1. A detailed knowledge of how Quality Systems can be applied in a variety of organisational contexts and national settings
  2. A critical understanding of the opportunities that a Quality Systems approach provides
  3. An understanding of characteristics of world class organisations and outstanding schools
  4. An understanding of transformational leadership and continuous improvement of quality products and processes
  5. Knowledge of quality improvement tools including statistical process control and variation, managing variation, cause and effect and negative intervention
  6. An understanding of systems and processes design and optimisation and the customer/supplier relationship
  7. An understanding of key concepts and theories (for example win-win motivation, rewards and recognition and Ishikawa techniques) which provide a framework for understanding Quality Systems

We assess:

  1. Understanding of the impact of leadership and management on systems
  2. Ability to critically evaluate customer / supplier relationships within the context of education
  3. Ability to select and apply quality improvement tools 
  4. Ability to support continuous improvement of quality products and processes within an educational context
  5. Understanding of Win-Win motivation, rewards and recognition 
  6. Ability to support system design and optimisation to enable world-class provision in an educational context
  7. Understanding of the management of variation, cause and effect and negative intervention

We are supported by a number of partners

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